Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Rangkaian Detektor Signal AF/RF

The following circuit of special functions to detect the presence or absence of signal AF / RF. This circuit is very simple so as to make it requires a relatively low cost. Detektor Signal AF/RF circuit based an audio amplifier and a loudspeaker with a switch input to the AF and RF signal. The whole device can be made as small as possible so that it can be included in a container to keep the peace.

Audio amplifier section in this series created by IC TDA 2822M, with a low-power stereo amplifier in 8-pin mini-DIP. This IC is used as a bridge cofiguration to minimize output power up to 250 mW, the loudspeaker is in use 4 ohm, 500mW. Current required is less than 10mA with a 3V battery voltage.

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